Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Orange and Blue Stars

In progress shot of the orange and blue stars I've made using the no waste, flying geese method.
I've decided to give this finished quilt to my parents as they both like blue, and the orange works well as they often have an orange tomcat bringing muddy red paw prints onto their bed. Shouldn't show too much, I hope.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lifeline thrift crafting

Passed by a new to me Lifeline (Carina) and found two vintage 60s sheets ( still with the QA sticker on one) and two Tilda Fabrics cushion kits. Nice find.
I'm thinking a nice loose 60s blouse or fitted wiggle dress for the fabric. I was checking out my Gertie pattern books during the week so it might be fate.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Lone star block

I spent the evening playing around with a Lone Star quilt block tutorial as I'd seen a few excellent examples on Pinterest recently that sparked my quiltspiration, so I went searching for an online tutorial that could get me started in flexing my piecing skills.
It's taken all week to finally decide on the 5 fabrics I would use in the block. I thought it would be an easy pick but instead of the various shades of green I thought I'd be using I've ended up with a candy pink and blue collection. Fortunately all the fabrics were drawn from my existing stash and I didn't purchase any new fabrics. Though there were a few moments when I thought about caving and finding an open fabric store to "get something new" which has sort of confirmed a belief I've been thinking for a  while, that I've turned into the bad kind of hoarder - the kind that is always buying and never using!
So, I'm glad for that reason that I didn't buy anything new and could finally decide on a combination of dark and light and textured fabrics so that I could finally begin.
I have wanted to try this block design for a long while, probably since I first started quilting and noticing quilt patterns. It's a striking pattern that can be remarkably different with various colour and print combinations. Because I've noticed that I haven't been "using" my stash I tried to play with colours that aren't my favourite palette. I bought a lot of pink fabrics years ago for my Aunt M's Rose Quilt and I've still got an awful lot leftover because it's not a colour I enjoy.

It's also a technically challenging block using bias cut strip piecing, and requiring precision piecing with all the seams and triangles to align and match, and then finally because of the Y-seam sewing. I'm completely in the hands of online tutorials too. I've never been one for classes and workshops so the rise of online tutorials on YouTube and through Pinterest for craft is a godsend for me. I enjoy the teach myself as I go experience. Even though, at the same time, I really do wish I had a quilting buddy to work along with for these projects. I'm just never in step with anyone else.

Anyways, I had a successful evening strip sewing then cutting 45 degree angle strips to combine into diamond star points. I'm a pinner so I didn't hesitate to pin my strip seams, but I found it useful to rule and 1/4 inch line on the strips to help guide my seam matching after a few mis-alignments that ended with a destroyed set of strips. Good thing there was extra leftover from the strip sets to cut replacements! It's always better to have more than enough for those just in case moments.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fabric-a-brac Brisbane 20th September 2014

So, a friend and I have decided the best way to move some of our craft stash is to sell it. !
And so we've signed on for a table at the Brisbane Fabric-a-brac (held on the Sunshine Coast and not Brisbane) to try and move some stash.

And so my issue now, after agreeing, is so what do I part with. Gulp.

Anyways, please come along because it's a great market. I've bought some fabulous stuff from the previous two (no, I haven't used them yet, and no I'm not going to be selling it) markets and I have no hesitation in recommending the market. If you like vintage fabrics get yourself some!

So once I've worked out what you can have, it'll be a great market. I have no expectation that I'll make some money so there will be no surprises for me. But I'm looking forward to seeing what others will be selling. My interest in vintage fabrics and textiles has more than doubled in the past year, so I'm keen to see what'll be there.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Hexie journey so far - Tula Pink's Saltwater

Over the past year I've become obsessed with Hexagon Paper Piecing. I discovered the fabric designer Tula Pink and her fabrics are now forever entwined with the notion of paper piecing for me. Here are the first five rows for my Hexie project, Tula Pink's kit Hex on the Beach.
Just have sew them together now before I move onto making more Hexies.
In January 2013 I bought the kit online from Fabricworm because I couldn't find anyone here in Australia who knew about it or put it on their websites, and it was already selling out in the US. I found Tula Pink's fabrics, especially her Saltwater range through Facebook I think or through another US-based online Quilting store, The Fat Quarter Shop when I used them to source some foundation piecing papers for another project I found online and had to have. Facebook has hooked me up with some great Quilting resources.
What really impressed me with the project was the terrific rhythm in using each of the fabrics in each of the colours in the Saltwater collection to create a beautiful colour wash picture of sun, land and water. I'm a big fan of Tula Pink Fabrics now. I just love her style and colour and whimsy. I totally understand how her kits sell out so quickly. I missed out on her Peaks & Valley's kit with her Acacia fabrics. Just lovely!
I've never been interested in hand piecing patchwork before. I've always considered it too small and slow. Which was stupid of me. For too long I've been trapped into using one room of my home for sewing and longing for a project I could travel with me or keep my hands occupied in front of the TV and my best movie collection. And here it was! 
I've been combing online sewing sources and learning about Hexie sewing for the past year. I know it's taken a year to complete two rows of Hexies but I'm not rushing this project. It's a long haul project. It always was going to be. 
It is weird that this week while my eyes have been assaulted with conjunctivitis I've done the most work on it. Blinking blearily through my stitches and unpicking. (Always check the placement of your rows before you begin sewing the rows together. )
I know I'm hooked because I've already looked up the Accuquilt Go! die block cutting machine and Hexagon dies and added them to my Amazon wishlist. One day!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sew sew sew - holiday sewing

Using up some indigo print charm squares that I've had since I began quilting, so over 10 years old. I had a number in three tone prints, only thirteen, and each star block calls for eight. And today, for the life of me, I couldn't find more to round up my numbers. The problem with keeping things for so long. But buried in my stash were a few other bits I was able to work in to solve the issue. The red background fabric came from a fabric binge in Sydney last year. Using it up is helping with my buyer's guilt.
I also modified the pattern, increasing the square to 6 inches. I think I could end up with two cushion sized blocks.